It was a grand affair.  The Muskegon Channel was invited to broadcast live at the Frauenthal Center on Wednesday September 20th for their season premiere open house.  Hundreds from Muskegon and beyond were in attendance as some of the upcoming shows and presentations were on hand to talk about their upcoming events and all were invited to drop in on the live broadcast to join Andy O to talk about their show. 

For me, it's hard to imagine that 38 years ago was 1980.  Yes... I was 10 and that's about the time that things start popping into memory for me.  When I was 21 and a camp counselor, the kids told me that they were born in 1980 and I just about fell off my chair because I had to face the fact that I remembered vividly what the world was they were born into.  1980 was also the first year that Muskegon jumped on board with the CROP walk to help end hunger and it's gone on ever since. 

We do our best to keep you up to date on the goings on in Muskegon, especially when it comes to the things that sooner or later will most likely effect our lives one way or another, and sadly, Alzheimer's Disease is one of those facts that we all will most likely have some interaction with in our time here.  It's a frightening thing to think that a friend or relative, or worse yet...a parent or ourselves will face the day that our physical memory will begin to just let go and with the loss of that memory will certainly follow the loss of other brain functions due to a dreaded disease called Alzheimer's.  

It's Fall Ya'all. Today I had the pleasure of visiting the Baby Bears Boutique to talk to Andrea about fall fashion for the kiddos. While I was at the visiting we had some littles join us to show off some of the hot new fashion items you will be able to find.

It's a great event!  Imagine the Frauenthal Center wide open and filled with entertainment of all kinds.  Great food, plenty to drink and a chance to stroll the entire place to collect some stamps to grab a great prize of a night on the town in Muskegon.  Well, it's happening again September 20th and the entire community is invited.  

Fall is in the air and the Salvation Army of Muskegon is ramping up for the holiday season which includes the annual Turkey Run on Thanksgiving and of course, you'll be hearing the bells soon outside your favorite retail spots.  The work never ends for the Salvation Army but I'd be willing to bet that you might not know that the Salvation Army has a very special group within the ranks called the Salvation Army Women's Auxiliary.  

Trinkets and Treasures is back for another year and ready for you to find that perfect little something that you have been looking for. I headed over to the Folkert Community Hub to chat with Jo Anne Hoekenga one of the members of the Women's Division Chamber of Commerce. This is the 12th annual event that will be held on Friday September 15th from 9am-5pm and Saturday September 16th from 9am-3pm at the Folkert Community Hub which is located at 640 Seminole Rd. In Norton Shores. 

Going on a guided duck hunt is not something that everyone can say that they have been able to do. Well today I followed along with one of the lucky raffle winners from the Lake Effect Youth Day that was held on August 26th.

I took a big step this year.  I was asked to make a run for State House of Representatives in Michigan and after much thought, I decided that if I was going around town telling everyone to believe in themselves and believe in Muskegon, I had best back it up when opportunity knocks.  It's a giant endeavor and I know that it's going to be a year filled with high's and low's and I am going to meet many people along the way.  One of which I already met, and would like to introduce to you. 

There are several layers here....try to follow along.  There is a venue called 7 Steps Up in Spring Lake, they host Pin Drop Concerts.  The venue is owned by Gary and Michelle Hanks who also have a non profit called Courtyard Concerts which they use to help bolster needs in Grand Haven, Spring Lake, Muskegon and more. 

The crisp fall feeling air is a sure sign that hocky season isn't far off in Muskegon, and if you've been down to the LC Walker Arena lately, you'll see too, the ice is down and the Muskegon Lumberjacks are gearing up for the 2017-18 season!  It's an exciting time for the town as some of the favorites from last year return and a few new faces from all over the world make their way to the shores of Lake Michigan to be part of a team whos number one goal is to be "The best junior hockey team in the world."  It's a commitment we hear daily at the arena from the very top down and it's on every level.  From the play on the ice to the fan experience and the community involvement, being the best is what's asked.