We're proud to announce that the United Way of the Lakeshore has come on board as a sponsor for a year on the Muskegon Channel.  We reach a lot of people and the United Way has so many incredible things going, it's a natural fit and a great honor for them to see us as a great way to spread the message of what kind of work goes on to make Muskegon a better place to call home.  The United Way of the Lakeshore is actively on the streets.  You'll find youth programs, community engagement programs, educational programs and health programs all under the United Way banner.  You'll also find a caring local staff of people who believe as I do in what's best for all of us in our community.  

I first met Sandy Baker through No More Sidelines of Muskegon.  Her son Eric, or as he was known by all of his classmates "Big E", participated in No More Sidelines and he made quite a splash in his days at Reeths-Puffer Schools as the prom king, announcement reader and all around source of awesomeness.  They are avid fans of the Muskegon Lumberjacks and no matter where they go, they seem to collect amazing people to help them further what has become a truly remarkable nonprofit that is growing by leaps and bounds.  Sandy has crafted a model by which young adults can find their way to as much independence as they can handle.  Eric has Downs Syndrome, but he's really never been any different than the other kids.  And like any other kid, there comes a time that they need to spread their wings a little. 

A couple weeks ago, I had a message pop up on Facebook asking if I had a few minutes to stop by Witt Buick and talk to Joe Hosler who had recently joined the dealership to talk and I said sure.  Wasn't exactly sure as to what he was getting to, but...a few minutes to meet someone and maybe make a new friend....that can't hurt.  So I popped in.

We shared the story the other day, about Western Michigan University wanting to engage more and more with the Muskegon community.  There was an open house on April 19th where students could learn more about getting a degree from WMU and not having to leave Muskegon to do it.  A lot of students, both traditional and those who are considering going back to school to finish off a degree were there over the course of the afternoon.  The WMU staff was amazing with their attention to detail, a welcoming atmosphere and excitement around the discussion coming up from Dr. Bruce Ferrin who was in town to discuss the opportunities that would most likely come should Muskegon continue on looking to be a shipping port on a larger scale than we are. 

We've been "Watching Us Go" in Muskegon for a while.  We've also been "Making Us Go" on a multitude of levels.  People here have been working their tails off when it comes to Muskegon's image...of itself and how we're seen in the bigger picture, and you know what?  It's working.  

If you've been Downtown Muskegon lately, you've seen the work going on at the beautiful and historic Hackley Library.  It seems that they have been working on the front of that building for a couple years now...but that's not the only project going on in the library.  There's been plenty of busy work going on behind the scenes as well gearing up for the big sale coming up Friday morning at 10am SHARP! 

We've all got that "dream job" right?  Did you know?  There are plenty of places out there too looking for that "dream employee" and they will be on hand coming up May 3rd at the William Burrell Multiplex in Muskegon Heights and they are coming looking for you! 

A note from Andy O - I would very much like to welcome Gabrielle Butterfield to the team!  As I began The Muskegon Channel, it was always in the back of my mind to kind of continue the vibe of Positively Muskegon but to expand what we offer a little and grow the reach of interesting things happening in and around Muskegon. One of my main objectives...as we grow....I am looking to people with NO background in media.  I want to make sure that as we build, we build together and we have the same basic common mindset. Gabrielle Butterfield had asked for a hand getting a blog off the ground, and I said, I'd be happy to, but have you seen this?  She took the chance to learn a little and grow here!  I am very pleased to say welcome to Gabrielle and I am equally proud to tell you..you're seeing her very first step into The Muskegon Channel!  We're proud to welcome her!  Take it away Gabrielle!

It's a yearly visit for me.  I was asked a few years ago to come and speak at a Career Day at a school, in fact...if you want to go back far enough, I was first invited to speak at a school during my days as an intern in Grand Rapids. Someone for Mona Shores had called and asked for a guest speaker about radio...and no one really jumped at the chance...because "Muskegon is just so far away!"  Ya, right...whatever.  I took the chance and came out and preached all things radio. 

Muskegon has long been a very proud hockey town!  We've seen everything in the workd of hockey going all the way back to the Muskegon Reds...Zephyrs....Mohawks....Lumberjacks...Fury...Lumberjacks again and now, the elite players in the USHL are here playing for their future and the hopes that one day, they will make it to the big show in the NHL.  We've had good years and bad.....we've had names and faces we'll never forget and we even hold the record for the most golas scored in minor pro hockey when Robin Bouchard dumped in goal number 683 on March 21st 2010.  A moment I was standing right there with Bouch for, and will never forget.

Back in 2015 I had had a job where I would use a program called Blogger to share something good about Muskegon.  The company has customers all over the country, so...the Monday-Thursday stuff was about the products and services, and Friday, I claimed for my own to brag up our town.  I wrote about beaches, ships, festivals....you name it.  If it was an asset to Muskegon, their customer base heard about it.