Muskegon is gong to be the home of something spectacular and quite honestly, it's an event that the rest of West Michigan only dreams they could pull off.  Let's be honest, in Michigan we're more than used to expos of all kinds.  From January through the end of March, if you can't find an expo that is of interest to you in some arena, convention center or even hotel with a big enough rental're having issues.  From golf shows to comic book conventions, car shows and home and garden events, we all roam around and "look, but don't touch" most of what we can only dream of while we collect goodie bags and free samples.  Well... come August, the way a boat show is done is going to take a dramatic turn for the better in Muskegon at Adelaide Pointe.  Muskegon Boat Life is bringing all of the fun of an expo and then some to both the water and the campus, and YOU are invited!

Pleading the 5th.  Your right to not incriminate yourself in a court of law.  Also, one of the easier ways to ramp up the drama in any TV or movie that's got court based content and we can even add in most of today's news.  Someone pleading the 5th harkens back to the days of mobsters and those accused of high crimes and treasonous activities sitting before large panels of those asking questions in rooms filled with people while camera's and mics are all over.  It's usually no where near that dramatic.  Hope no bubble were burst with that opening, but the 5th does apply in Family Law and Shon explains this week. 

We've stuck by the Muskegon County Airport for a while.  It's been a bit of a wild ride to say the least as things expand and contract around the Muskegon area, but the idea of keeping our airport alive, working and relevant is something that no one really wants to give up on.  While there have been plenty of changes, and some starts that could have been better with different projects, persistence seems to be paying off and a couple of really exciting developments are coming down to sent yet another breath of life into what could become a significant chance in travel for all of West Michigan.  Ken Efting is the Executive Director of the Muskegon County Airport and joins us today to talk about the exciting changes. 

We work to build our brands and platforms.  To be where we are now compared to where we started, it's literally one of the most surreal things about what we do.  The "Go-Pro Story" you've probably heard a million times by now, but it was the seedling of what's become a multi channel broad based on demand local media source for all of Muskegon County, and even beyond that on occasion.  It's not a boastful thing, it's a sincere appreciation thought for the viewers that have adapted, and the contributors who've helped us grow.  After all, helping grow is an essential part of all media, and when we can help one of our own....we're on it. 

It's been a terrific week getting to know a few of the doctors who take care of the community the way they do.  The demands that are put on the medical system have been immense over the last few years and a Pulmonary Doctor is without a doubt one of the most important roles we've seen the need for in recent memory.  With the tail end of a pandemic behind us, where breathing and the lungs were the target of the virus that attacked the world Dr. Scott Hagedorn with the Trinity Health Muskegon Medical Group can share some of what he experienced during the pandemic and how treating lung problems post in Muskegon give those fighting lung disease a much improved chance of survival.

Getting to know a few of our area doctors this week through our partnership with Trinity Health Muskegon has been an interesting look at the people who practice medicine here, and what brought them to Muskegon along with what started them in the pursuit of a career in the field of health care.  Today, we're meeting Dr. Heidi Suidinski whose work in the Emergency Room began years ago when she realized she had a keen interest in science and then followed the path to become a physician.  In her practice, she's seen a lot of change and today, she shares some of that along with the necessity to help grow the medical community after some years of loss due to the pandemic and the overwhelming shifts that came to the entire medical field. 

National Doctors Day is observed this coming Saturday and our work with Trinity Health Muskegon gives us a chance to meet and get to know some of the physicians that take care of us in ways that we might not otherwise get to know them.  Dr. Steven Van Rees is an Emergency Medicine Physician that began his career in Kinesiology.  What is Kinesiology to begin with and how do you find your way to the Emergency Room from there?  Say hello to Dr. Van Reese and learn more. 

With the relationship we have with Trinity Health Muskegon, we are very fortunate to be able to bring you up close and personal with the people who make the health system in Muskegon.  We work to focus on the friends and neighbors who are the hands on people in the care of us as well as those who make everything tick.  We've been able to meet people from the biggest brass to those who take care of nutrition and those whose hands heal.  It's really a special relationship we share.  This Saturday, March 30th is National Doctors Day, so we thought we'd ask for a few "rock star" doctors to visit with, and Karissa Tryska DO is the first up.  Let's meet someone who's there from the first breath! 

It's going to be an awesome event once again in Downtown Muskegon as Muskegon Community College presents STEAM Along the Lakeshore May 4th 2024.  It's basically a take over of the downtown footprint as kids and families will be able to come down and learn about science, technology, engineering and mathematics.  Since Scherdel is all about all of the above and Tabono Law happens to have been founded by one of the members of the MCC Board of Trustees, we couldn't wait to send another $1000 their way to help. 

We're thankful that Tabono Law is here with Shon Cook regularly to talk about the legal world and some of the harder things to understand in it.  This week, Shon is sharing not only the thoughts on something that might occur in a legal situation, she's share it with some emotion because of a loss of a friend and colleague in the Family Law legal arena Rick Reider.  The Muskegon legal community mourns the loss of one of their brightest and most dedicated members and strong advocate for his clients. 

 Back in 2022 on Positively Muskegon we introduced you to Jeff Steele and shared the story of he and his wife and their work fostering and adopting.  Their family numbers 13 at the time of the story and while we didn't get a head count this time, there was more to come when we left Jeff and the time is now to show off the second step of the plan.  This is incredible work in action that's helping young people step by step learn independence and life skills they would otherwise be walking into, shall we a "cold call experience".

Hearing the words "You'll have to visit a therapist for a while after this procedure", it's never what we'd like to hear right?  However, as tough as we all like to make it look like we are, we humans are pretty fragile creatures and sometimes we need a tune up, and other times, we run right out and break stuff on our own.  Fragile creatures don't always have the best ideas and America's Funniest Video's has been capitalizing on that for a while.  However, all that life throws at us isn't exactly "funny" and when it comes time to get back on your feet post op, or after a "moment", Trinity Health Sports Performance and Rehab is there.