We're all too often caught up in the day to day noise we are forced to hear.  Combine that with the stress life brings already and the constant drive....we need to remember the importance of stopping once in a while to hear from one of the people we're striving to make the world a better place for.  After all, that is the goal correct?  To build upon what we know to leave a better world for generations that follow?  Be it the childhood we knew, or the glory days of our parents who most likely harken back to the 50's and 60's for their youth, kids today are exposed to a lot more information, they develop thoughts and are willing to take action around them.  Kieda Shineldecker happened to be working with her mom when we met up, so we spent a few minutes with her.

In getting to know Ryan Leestma over the last couple of years, in the back of my mind was the idea that great things were to come.  For too long and by far too many who've come to town, so many promises were made over so many years that I, like many others, kind of watched and wondered some.  Projects of this size and scope get talked about a lot in Muskegon, but to see them come to fruition is a lesson in frustration that we've all had happen more than once over the years and the concern of so many was "here we go again".  Ryan and his wife Emily have had to deal with an awful lot of those in question, but as winter's grip starts to loosen a little and the buildings...some finished, some going up are beginning to define the space, something special is happening in Muskegon, and it's becoming very apparent.  

Let's come out of the gate with the idea of working smarter, not harder.  Imagine some areas of patient care that are not all hands on deck every second but still need close attention and the ability to interact, log reports, communicate and most of all, free up the hands of the team of nurses and care givers that are doing all they can while the national healthcare worker shortage continues to plague us, and the rest of the healthcare systems across the country?  Linda Dunmore is the Chief Nursing Officer at Trinity Health Muskegon and explains this innovative approach that's made it's way to Muskegon.  

It's already that time.  As we watch the news, some of us nightly, others around the clock, the primary's, caucuses, election ads and all that comes with a Presidential Election year is upon us.  In Muskegon, we're really not all that far off from casting our first ballots in the primary elections at the end of February.  There will be multiple ways to vote and with all that has gone on over voting over the last few years, there's no better way to get the straight up 4-1-1 from the County of Muskegon Clerk herself, Karen Buie. 

We're approaching the $30,000 mark in the philanthropy provided by Tabono Law and Scherdel Sales and Technology through our Step it Up Muskegon initiative.  We began when things were very difficult for the non-profit organizations in the area due to things being closed down, and the idea of giving those who serve other in need a voice, as well as a financial boost kind of stuck.  We're blessed to have such amazing and supportive sponsors in this program, and we're open to adding more!

Shon Cook of Tabono Law was the architect and inspiration of Step it Up Muskegon and along with Scherdel Sales and Technology we've given close to $30,000 do local non-profit organizations over the years.  Shon is also an amazing sponsor of our work and shares her legal expertise with us weekly to help those who don't have to navigate the legal waters day in and day out understand the intricacies of the field.  Our Step it Up recipient this week was Mediation and Restorative Services of Muskegon and after we presented the donation, Shon kept on talking mediation.

Trinity Health is a great sponsor of our work and we're thankful for their support.  Today, we're excited and proud to announce that in the Trinity Health Grand Haven Campus, they are opening an inpatient care center for the safe and supervised assistance of those who are addicted to substances like alcohol, opiates, benzodiazepines, cocaine, prescriptions, and combined addictions.  New Vision Withdrawal Management is a partner in this incredibly needed service for the Lakeshore.

Muskegon Area District Library (MADL), Muskegon Community College (MCC), and Hackley Public Library (HPL), are excited to announce the launch of the innovative “Humans of Muskegon” storytelling program. This collaborative initiative, running through April, aims to spotlight the diverse narratives of Muskegon County residents who have navigated experiences related to prejudice, acceptance, discrimination, health struggles, and more.

We found the coolest place in Muskegon when we dropped into Puzzles, Oddities and Ends on Apple Avenue over the last couple of years.  It's a small show run by a really interesting local gal and right next door is where Eric Gemzer runs his Castle Casket Company.  Ambrosia runs the Oddities portion of the place while Eric does the caskets and urn's and since they are both fans of the "different" things they are first of all, a match made in heaven, and after that a perfect couple for things that might make you a little teeny tiny bit uncomfortable.  There's no reason to be however. 

We are excited to be back in 2024 with Tabono Law and Founder and Senior Legal Counsel Shon Cook. Shon is not only an amazing Family Law Attorney, she’s got the ability to make some of the most difficult things in the legal world much more accessible for those who don’t understand all the jargon and “legal speak”. It’s been an awesome partnership and the advice given is un-paralleled in Muskegon.

As we slide into a New Year, it's a great chance for us to remember some important stuff like being thankful for the support of the sponsors that keep us working.  When you find one that matches the approach to working in a community like we do, it's nothing but icing on the cake.  Community Choice Credit Union spent 2023 "GIVING BIG" in all the areas the serve.  In Muskegon, we saw free turkeys at Thanksgiving.  Movies at Christmas.  Food Trucks on International Credit Union Day and so much more.  The big shiny penny however was the opening of the new Member Center on Harvey Street.  We there today with Courtney Porette to talk about some of the new features and services you can enjoy.