From day one, No More Sidelines has been all about what it's new campaign is saying, "Building Belonging".  We know, because we've been there almost form the start.  No More Sidelines first came to Andy and Dave and asked if they would be interested in being emcees for their "Set the Stage" Gala.  Not really sure how two guys who kick each other in the rear all day would fit in to the suit and tie crowd of a swanky fundraiser, Andy and Dave first asked if they were sure that they wanted them...and almost 15 years later, they are still the event emcee's and the relationship continues to grow.  

  We recently caught up with the Co-Chair Woman of the Women's Division Chamber of Commerce of West Michigan. ....Mary Kendall chat about the 11th Annual Dancing with the Local Stars taking place in late February of 2019 at the Holiday Inn & Conference Center in downtown Muskegon.   This incredibly exciting, fun event has raised $923,000.00 over the last 10 years.... And they are hoping to surpass the 1 million dollar mark in February!  

Recently I met up with Maggie Vincent of MAGGIE'S GOURMET FOOD & GIFTS and Colly Frederick of the MUSKEGON COUNTY COMMUNITY RUN...    They are so excited to present their "Sampling Saturday" Fundraising event on Saturday, December 8th from 10am - 5pm at Maggie's Gourmet Food & Gifts located on Harvey Street in Muskegon.

  It's time to get in the holiday spirit, and whether you're headed out to cut down that Christmas Tree or pull the artificial one out of the attic, we all love setting the scene for the season.  What if you could have a professionally designed Christmas tree for that special area of your house or office that you could treasure for years to come?  You might want to think about stopping by the Muskegon Museum of Art! 

  Once upon a time, the news wasn't all frightening headlines...slanted reporting and teases to get you to tune back in at the next newscast to hear the end of the story.  No, there was a time when a news reporter took their time to get you to know your friends and neighbors.  Helped you understand what made a community unique or what made the local flavor unique to it's own.  In our house, those were the news stories that mattered, and those were the ones that kind of helped shape the way I approached the work I did in my broadcasting career.  

  Well, we got our first good dusting of snow this year, followed by some slide-off's and fender benders, because after all, who remembers how to drive in this stuff after a Summer full of Muskegon fun right?  As some sighed that the blanket of white fell, others were licking their chops a little bit, and one of us got in the car quick and headed out to get the scoop on what's to come at the Muskegon Winter Sports Complex this season as preparation is underway for the ever growing and ever evolving treasure housed at the Muskegon State Park on the North side of town. 

  It's a friendship that goes back a few years.  Lauren Stanton and Muskegon that is.  Over her years of being the morning reporter at WZZM in Grand Rapids there were the occasions that she'd make her way out here for a concert or the air show or maybe a hockey game or something.  But, there was always something that set Lauren a part from the other visitors that came in with their respective stations for an event.  The other stations would always sit in their designated spot and give away bumper stickers or promo pictures or can koozies....or worse yet, they would find a spot back stage and wait for their 2 minutes on stage to greet the masses and accept their glory.  Well, with Lauren...she'd be the first one out of the booth, into a beer line and right out in the crowd to meet people and be Lauren!  She's all about grabbing every ounce of life she can get and she'd blend right in in her cut off's and tank top out there in the thick of the party and that's what she loved about it.  She could just hang loose.  She fit right in. 

  On Saturday November 10, 2018 at 2:00 PM, the Boogie Woogie Bugler Memorial Statue was unveiled at the LST 393 Veteran's Museum. The life-size bronze sculpture of Clearance Zylman was sculpted by local artist Ari Norris. Clarence Zylman was the inspiration behind the classic WWII era song, "The Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy of Company B". For more information on the sculpture, check out our previous interview with sculptor Ari Norris.

  It's been a fairly tiring season of politics.  All the he said, she said.  All the half truths and intentional misleading information.  So many polarized thoughts on every issue, even dipping in to cussing candidates down over issues that they have no control over.  Case in point, just as I was beginning to write this, I was following a discussion on social media about a candidate for a State seat and how people shouldn't vote for them because of their stance on the Second Amendment.  I asked if the author of the comment could explain how someone in Lansing would have any bearing on the US Constitution.  They couldn't or chose not to answer.