We hear and see the message all over the place.  Back the Blue.  It means that we stand with Police, Fire and other First Responders.  It should be something much more than what's yelled about when things boil over and it's also a way of thinking that should carry well past their retirement after committing their career to all of us.  Back the Blue is also something that's not necessarily something to be lip service, it's a way of conducting yourself, the respect you carry for others and understanding of what might be faced in a lifetime of duty. 

Shon Cook is the Senior Attorney at Tabono Law and joins us on a weekly basis to help people understand the in's and out's of the legal world.  It's a highly specialized field in any number of disciplines and Family Law is the primary focus of Tabono Law.  This week, it's part two of a discussion about child support and we're focusing on how the amount is calculated.  It's a difficult process that leaves many surprised.

It was in January of this year that we were invited to meet Ryan Leestma at Adelaide Pointe for the first time, and with limited exposure to Ryan other than what most of the world sees on his pretty dominating social media presence, we kinda went in there not sure what to expect.  Ryan is a very bold visionary, and while his "damn the torpedoes" approach has given some a reason to say...wait a minute, he's been delivering on all he's said so far, so, to catch up on what's been going on at his development, let's go back! 

The separation and eventual divorce isn't the happily ever after anyone ever has in mind.  When the kids come along too, it's a little more complicated as if a parting of ways is required, the idea of splitting everything up, including time and expenses of the kids is in the hands of those who handle this thing all the time.  You could take the mediation route, that's a good way to come to an agreement that both parties can be most "agreeable" with.  If by chance it's in a litigation that the decisions are made, the court is going to go after what's best for the child, and Shon Cook from Tabono Law explains how that process is set up. 

Summer got a little crazy.  Schedules and an out of town surgery for Andy got us a little behind on our commitment to provide some funding and awesome exposure for our local non profit organizations that work so incredibly hard to make the quality of life as even as it can be for others who need the help.  Literacy is one of the areas of the most urgent need and since inception, Read Muskegon has been an absolute powerhouse for those who need help with basic literacy as well as English as a second language and more.  Melissa Moore from Read Muskegon joins us today to get us caught up on how this remarkable organization has grown and who they have served.

Meeting Andrea Copeland is a moment that's going to leave you impressed by drive, passion, wisdom and endless work ethic to make her dreams come true and bring along as many as she can for the ride.  She invited us down today to learn a little more about the Lakeshore Flavor Project she's managing, and to hear her speak on the subject of making food work for Muskegon, brace yourself.  

It's a staple event in Muskegon and one that has raised hundreds of thousands over the years to help Every Woman's Place battle domestic violence, sexual assault and trafficking.  The 2023 event is coming up quick and the deadline to get tickets even quicker!  Power of the Purse is on October 12th at the Barclay Place Event's Center and you are cordially invited....and your support is needed.

If you've been lucky enough to see a group outing of Sidekicks in and around West Michigan, you know you've witnessed something pretty amazing.  Sidekicks is this months recipient of a grant from Tabono Law and Scherdel Sales and Technology of $1000 for their programs and we're honored to welcome Jeremy Weibenga from the organization to tell us more about it and receive the gift.

Our great partner Community Choice Credit Union was kind enough to invite us to a very special event this morning at their newest Member Center on Harvey Street and Independence Drive!  They had a Ribbon Cutting event that was attended by local dignitaries as well as some of the Community Choice team from other areas in Michigan that their credit union serves.

50 years is a long time to remember things.  Memories are best preserved among family and friends, but 50 years ago in Muskegon County something happened that had never been attempted at the scale it was anywhere else in the world, and today...with a refreshed name reflecting what really happens at our innovative water treatment center, it's time to not only learn a little more about the significance of what was accomplished, but to stop and look at the marvel that can still hold up to about double what it's doing now for our community and our environment. 

We work in partnership with Trinity Health to bring you not only the news about what kind of medical services they provide in any number of specialties and even some of the "routine stuff".  We've also been able to show you some of the more "human" elements of the operation.  Looking back, especially during the pandemic, we got to feature a few the individuals who were given holiday baskets from the community and talk to them about their career and recognition, and how can we forget opportunities like meeting Rick Shaffer who's months long COVID battle saw him walk right out the door of the hospital on Sherman to his friends and family. 

WMEAC is short for West Michigan Environmental Action Council.  "Founded in 1968, WMEAC is a non-profit, 501C3 organization uniquely positioned to respond to emerging issues and new threats to West Michigan's ecologies."  Tanya Cabala is the local "boots on the ground" organizer for the organization and the preservation of our nature and waterways is a very big passion of hers.  Recently, WMEAC held an incredibly informative virtual town hall meeting about recycling in Muskegon County.  They have kindly given us permission to bring this event to you so you can see what's being done about protecting our little corner of the world.