We've enjoyed covering the work that goes on by the M.A.R.S. 4004 Robotics team in Muskeogn for a while now.  They are a group of students from multiple area schools and their advisors who come together to compete in the FIRST robotics competitions that are held all over the country.  They are intensive projects that focus on science, technology, math and team work.  They meet up and work out of the back of local business Pribusin.  Pribusin manufactures quality process controls and instrumentation not far from the Our Lady of Grace Church.  They employ a shop cat to keep an eye out for the occasional mouse.  The family dog is also a regular on the premises as you'll see in our chat here in a little bit.  It's a humble place is what I am getting at, but the truly amazing things that are coming out of it will blow your mind.  More over, the amazingly intelligent young people who are working on the FIRST Robotics projects will make your jaw drop.

  We're heading back to the polls pretty soon and no matter where you stand on the entire voting process, making your voice heard is important and your vote is especially important when it comes to making sure our local municipalities have the needed equipment to make sure the services they offer are the most efficient and effective.  Quite often, especially when it comes to a request for money, there will be a lot of voices heard, and some of them get quite loud as to why people shouldn't vote to pay a little extra for essential services.  Let's be honest, no one wants to pay more for anything, but...what if one of those essential services is desperately in need of modernizing on a number of levels, and it's literally a life or death matter we're talking about? Such is the case with the Muskegon Central Dispatch 911 Service.  

Crisp air, leaves starting to turn...all the closed up stores are now fly by night Halloween specialty shops and you've probably already bought a bag or two of "trick or treat" candy that hasn't lasted.  It's October, it's Michigan and it's how it goes.  We all get it.  The haunted attractions will be open soon, there's plenty of "scary" stuff on your Facebook feed as dead deer are hanging there beginning with the youth hunt a couple weeks ago and now that bow season is here....they are hanging in garages all over town.  But, it's also a great time to take that haunted vibe and maybe put a little educational spin on it in a setting like no other... the cemetery! 

  A week or so ago, a message popped up on my computer wondering if I'd be interested in seeing what Eagle Alloy of Muskegon was all about.  Sure!  I have never seen anything like that up close and I am always kind of fascinated by things I am not really cut out to do.  Believe it or not...I am not one for the attention span it takes to focus on the job at hand at Eagle Alloy.  It's a job of focus, precision and strength.  I am more of an easily distracted artist as you've probably figured over the years, so to be able to see how folks get big jobs like these done is absolutely amazing to me.  I will say however, that over the course of my career, it's always been my great honor to be right next to workers like the folks at Eagle Alloy as their companion on the radio or in some form of media, so when they can grab a few minutes away from the task at hand, I am there to give them something to laugh about...at least that's always been the goal for me. 

A few years ago, I was scrolling across Facebook and I saw a group of friends up to some shenanigans, I know...surprise...right?  Well, this particular group of people was working on a podcast and they were calling themselves the "COJ"  The Circle of Jerks.  The went out of their way to be cut up's.  The joked about all things Muskegon, they hammered on each other pretty hard and they really pushed the envelope when it came to subject matter.  Hey, it's the internet and it was their thing, so I would watch occasionally but kinda figured it might burn out quick so I didn't think much more about it.  Well, as time went on, that "circle" expanded and contracted some when it came to the original cast and from the podcast thing was born the idea of a Circle of Jerks movie.  Who's to stop anyone from making a movie right?  Well, the COJ movie led to another film project called "You Mad Bro?" and as production was ramping up on that, some one in the group says..."Hey!  You know who would make a great actor to play our dad?  Andy O!!"  Now, here I am appearing in one of their films.  I mean, I kind of see myself as more their age, but I guess since it's the movies we can cast aside any preconceived notions about age. 

I got a call from Egelston Grows Green and asked if we'd help spread the news with a little sponsored content.  It has to do with medical marijuana and the production and processing of it in Muskegon, specifically in the Egelston area.  There is a great deal of information both pro and con about the subject and there are many people both for and against the use of marijuana medically and as a recreational substance.  From our perspective, there is plenty of evidence for the medical properties of marijuana and in November, we'll find out what the voters think about the recreational use of marijuana in the state of Michigan.  Knowledge is power however, so we went to visit Egelston Grows Green to share with you the story of their operation and what they will be presenting October 8th at the VFW on Apple Avenue.  

There was a time for me where the Guinness Book of World Records was one of the most important books in the house.  I don't recall how I came to know about the publication, maybe it was in a library or possibly it was the endless stream of shows like "That's Incredible" or "Real People" the managed to have some sort of world record attempt on every week.  I remember being obsessed.  Who had the longest mustache?  Remember the guy with the world longest fingernails?  (Gross) and of course there was the worlds tallest man, world fattest lady, oldest man alive...most to ride on one motorcycle...Siamese twins were always a hit.... it was hours of fascination and it was always a conversation starter with your neighborhood buddies and an easy way to make fifty cents over a bet if they questioned your trivial knowledge on the who, what and where of the world.  Guinness has been going strong since the 50's and attempts continue at all of the above and more.

  The Buster Keaton Film Festival 2018 will be held at the Frauenthal Center Saturday, October 6 at 8:00 pm. Here at The Muskegon Channel we've interviewed Ron Pesch at the Muskegon County CVB. Ron is a local historian and a member of the International Buster Keaton Society. In the video we talked about the festival, a little bit about Buster Keaton for those who might not be familiar with him, the connection between Buster and Muskegon, and what it means to have a event like this in town. In the video you will also find out why Buster Keaton calls Muskegon his home featuring his early childhood drawing.

The Andrews Sisters made the song famous and the entire country was dancing to the beat of the "Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy of Company B" way back when.  It was an inspirational war time song deigned to keep spirits up and help the USA trudge through some pretty tough times.  Recorded on January 2nd 1941 the attack on Pearl Harbor was almost a year away and D-Day wouldn't come until 1944 but the national mindset was already thinking that there probably wasn't much of a way around what was to come.  WWII would divide the world and define the "Greatest Generation".  Every part of history has had some pretty incredible moments where we've been tested and through those tests we've defined ourselves, and we've had some that have stood out.  

The Power of Peace.  We could all use a little right?  What's the definition of peace to you though?  Is it a quiet lake?  Maybe a nice book to read on a weekend morning?  Well for some, peace like that seems absolutely unattainable. Life circumstances, addiction, crime, desperation feelings of abandonment and the end result of ending up with the wrong people in your life can lead to a life that no one ever imagined.  I don't know of anyone born with the dream of one day becoming part of the prison system and being part of the revolving door that seems to hold so many, for so long and give them little or no chance to find their way out, let alone correctional measures to reshape their lives and turn into the problem.  But, day after day....people end up there.  If you know my story, you know it could easily have been me through my years of drinking and it's only by an act of grace I didn't end up part of it.  Today, I try to be a small part of the solution for those who are behind bars.  It's not much going to the county jail once a week to tutor reading, but if I can connect with one person during the time I have there to help, it will be a success. 

Andy shared a few insight of being a pig farmer at Lewis Farm, and you can also see all the fun activities they offer, Pig Race, Dog Show, Corney Barn, Bird Aviary,  Duck Race and many more, also all the farm animals including Jeffrey the Camel. Be sure not to miss the big finale of the infamous candy canon at the end.