Be honest, when's the last time you stopped at your local library? Do you know Muskegon Area District Library (MADL) has 10 branches throughout the county? From Holton to Ravenna, and Montague to Norton Shores, even a branch for the blind and physically handicapped on Airline Road. I have to admit I am one of them that don't stop by the library enough. But my "losing streak" ended last Thursday when the Norton Shore Branch was having their Thursday night music club featuring Shout! - a premier Michigan Beatles cover band. Due to the weather they moved the event from the Library to Mona Shore High School's auditorium, let's take a look at that rocking place.

I've never been very anonymous when it comes to the whole "anonymity" part of my alcoholism.  It's been 15 years since I have had a drink and I understand that while some may need to remain anonymous in their recovery, a huge part of keeping sobriety is being willing to give it away to others who are still stuck in addiction.  I am a firm believer that addiction is a multi level issue and that the substance is only part of the overall problem.  Self medication to treat an underlying issue is what addiction is all about, and once that "easier path" is found with self medication it's progressive and can lead to the end and to blame the addict is like yelling at a child for spilling milk.

 Love Lives Here!  We work to show you that day in and day out!  Muskegon is a great place filled with good people who strive to make a difference.  It came to be last year that a level of hate was sweeping across the country and Rotary of Muskegon decided that it was time to add another voice saying that here in Muskegon, we wouldn't take it.  It was a local incident that sparked the need for a gathering as you may recall, or, you may not...and honestly, that's fine.  Why should a cowardly act of hate be brought back out into the light?  Carry that positive vibe forward and let those who try to tread on it wallow in their own misery. 

You hide behind a mask for a number of reasons.  Sometimes it's for fun, others it's to add some mystery and others, the mask might not be visible, but it's silently there.  These are the kind of masks that everyone wears sometimes.  We all have elements of life we hide behind.  Maybe it's something we're not quite as good at as everyone else.  Maybe it's a family issue.  It could be something we can control or something we have not control over at all.  Our masks are part of who we are, even if it's just a mask you put on to grind it out during hard times until things clear up...we all know what it is to "grin and bear it."  There are however those who's masks hide much deeper scars that no one ever planned on getting in life.  Situations of unimaginable anguish and things so difficult to talk about, it's a mask that may never be able to come off. 

They say, that the first person that will live to be 150 has already been born.  Can you imagine that?  Think of what they will have seen in that span of time.  The amount of history that is held in a span of even 100 years is monumental.  The amount of change, innovation, invention, process' and everything.  Even the people who will come and go over the course of a century.  It's a really long long time.  Well, the Muskegon Lakeshore Chamber of Commerce has a little celebrating to fact, they are sandwiched right in the middle of that 100 and 150 year mark as 2018 commemorates 125 years of advocating and assisting the Muskegon Area business community. 

We've taken you on a visit or two in the past to the Muskegon Heritage Museum.  It's located on Western Avenue in Downtown Muskegon, nestled between The 557 Cafe and The Health Project, the Muskegon Heritage Museum centers on the industry that has thrived in Muskegon over the years.  From the celery fields to the corner store, the industry large and small is all in focus and it's an absolutely tremendous salute to what's made us the community we are.  It's curated by an incredible staff who take such amazing pride in what they have on hand.  They lovingly tell the story about every display from The Cobb Plant to Continental Motors, our Lumbering Era, name it.  Even Raggdy Ann gets a nod for her time here in Muskegon. 

It's one of those diseases.....sooner or later, like cancer, diabetes or maybe high blood pressure, you are going to know someone or someone effected by Alzheimer's Disease.  It's an incredibly devastating and incurable disease that effects over 5 MILLION Americans, 200,000 of which are under the age of 65.  It's not just a matter of "Grandpa being forgetful".  It's a matter of this progressive disease starting to effect memory and working it's way to other parts of your brain's functions like remembering to eat, or remembering to breathe or even remembering to keep your heart beating.  If you've ever seen it's effects, you basically watch a life erased while a person is still there.  Hard to watch, but imagine being in the mind that is going through that?  All of the sudden, loved ones are strangers?  The home you lived in your whole life seems like a strange place?  You can't remember how to get places....what you like to's a horror story playing out in the windmills of your mind and there's only one way out, the end. 

We're proud to have the United Way of The Lakeshore as a sponsor and partner in the work we do.  We're also proud to support the work that goes on with the United Way to help SO many in our community.  The 100th Anniversary celebration continues this year and as we get closer to the kick off of their campaign, so too approaches the Day of Caring.  It's a remarkable day where individuals and groups come together to get some jobs done around town that might otherwise not get taken care of for people who could use a hand, but might not otherwise ask.  It's community building at it's finest and it's been going on for 25 years in Muskegon. 

MUSKEGON, MI - Thousands of people gathered on Pere Marquette Beach for the annual Burning Foot Beer Festival. The event featured breweries that is located in the great lakes region. The festival also featured local art and food from four local restaurants, with the flaming "Hop Tower" as the center piece. Live music features local and national acts, for this year it included EVE6, Long Beach Dub Allstars, Mustard Plug, Flexadecible and Brother James on a waterfront stage as well as a smaller acoustic area. Many of the visitors camped on the three different temporary camp sites specifically created for the event, while the tent site being right on the beach with the incredible view of Lake Michigan and the Muskegon light houses.

It was a somewhat rainy Friday in Norton Shores, and that made for some last minute changes in plans for Andrew and Sarah Conklin who opened the doors of the Dirty Dog Self Serve Pet Wash & Supplies 4 months ago.  But a little rain wasn't going to stop the fun, after all there were 500 hot dogs that needed to be eaten and 10 contestants waiting to get into action to see who'd come out on top in the first hot dog eating contest at the newly formed business.  So, they just moved it all inside and got things underway.