It's a cross between the "good old days" and our future.  It's also a step into a world that some of us are getting further and further out of touch with and I am not sure that's necessarily a good thing.  Yes, there are still things going on like kids raising animals, making preserves, doing needlepoint, quilting, training horses and more.  It's not a time warp and it's not any reason to be's a chance to get out and support some kids who are doing more than staring at Ipads and spending time on Snapchat.  It's the Muskegon County Fair and it's been going strong for generations and is about to get underway for 2018. 

It's our third visit to Shoreline Recycling in Muskegon this Summer and today we're heading inside.  So far, we've shown you some heavy metal...we've given you a glimpse at what comes of used appliances and how you can make a few bucks off what others throw out.  Today, we're going to show you just how some less dense metal things get taken care of and how they get prepped for shipping and recycling.

  Lakeshore Art Festival was held in Downtown Muskegon July 6th & 7th 2018. Out of the 350 fine art and craft exhibitor booths, about half of those were local artists and the rest were from all over the country. The festival is completed with street performers, live entertainments, activities such as chalk the walk and food vendors. The emerging authors tent and the kayak sculpture project were among the several special features for this year.

   July 7th, 2018 marked the 4th annual Standup For The Cure Muskegon that took place at the Harbor Towne Beach via Muskegon Lake in Muskegon, Michigan. Since 2012, Standup for the Cure has been providing free breast cancer screenings while uniting paddlers, fitness enthusiasts, yoga practitioners, medical professionals and the breast cancer community from California to Florida and Michigan to Washington in an effort to save lives.

It's a remarkable thing to see a group of bikers come together for a cause.  Quite often, they come together for a cause you'd least expect too.  Here in Muskegon, we're used to seeing bikers doing remarkable things.  Benefiting cancer centers, making sure kids have toys at Christmas, food banks are filled and more.  The big, rough and tumble, leather clad bikers are truly good hearted people who want to make a difference in the lives of others and use their collective power to make a statement while helping out some of the more needful areas where things are sometimes forgotten.

  Thousands of people attended Muskegon Rockstock 2018 at Heritage Landing over the fourth of July weekend. This year marked their 10th year anniversary as a whole and their 4th year being held at Heritage Landing. Rockstock is a family friendly event consists of live music, food and beverages, kids activities (with their very own Kidstock) and fireworks to celebrate independence day, with all proceed goes to charitable organizations such as No More Side Line and the Special Olympic. This year's live music line up were The Mega 80s, Electric Red, Flexa Decibel and Yard Sale Underwear. We've prepared a video clip to show you around. And in case you missed it, we have broadcasted the fireworks Live on Facebook.

 June 16, 2018 marked the 7th annual Ride United charity cycling event hosted by the United Way of the Lakeshore. The ride begins at downtown Muskegon, MI followed by four different return points and returns to Muskegon. A rider can pick any of the four routes - 6 Miles (North Muskegon), 25 miles (Pioneer Park, North Muskegon), 50 miles (Whitehall, MI), or 100 miles (Silverlake, MI). Its proceeds help support programs that promote health, education and financial stability for residents of Muskegon, Oceana and Newaygo counties.

This Summer we're working with our sponsor Shoreline Recycling to show you the benefits form more than just one angle about just how beneficial recycling is for not only the community, but for your bottom line as well.  We were given full access and a guided tour through the entire facility to show you just what goes into the operation and how they work to not only keep Muskegon clean but take our precious resources and reuse them.  Believe it or not, we have a finite supply of things like metal on this planet.  We also have a duty to protect our big blue marble from the mounds and mounds of garbage we generate and if something can be recycled and reused why wouldn't you wan to take Shoreline Recycling up on their offer to PAY YOU for your stuff?  The landfill is one thing but...your junk is cash as Shoreline Recycling and we're showing you how to earn it this summer.

We're in full swing Summer mode in Muskegon now, that means that Hackley Park finds itself more busy than not and that's a great thing.  From food festivals to Party in the Park and events that combine a little of everything, Downtown Muskegon's continual growth and engagement continues to grow.  Coming hot off the heels of Taste of Muskegon, we're pretty sure everyone knows the way to Downtown,  so let's get the park sun around and ready for another great day of entertainment, fun and togetherness with a little twist focusing on some area business you might not even know about. 

There is plenty of evidence out there that hiring a veteran is a smart move.  They come with the training, the skills, the drive and discipline that only come from the training they receive in the military and what they learned there, applied in the civilian world is irreplaceable in the work force.  In today's world too, finding the right candidate for the job isn't always the easiest task.  There seem to be about a million websites all promising you the best of everything.  The best jobs, the best employers, candidates and on and on.  Resume's, applications, interviews over the phone....what happened to the good old day's where you walked in, shook someones hand, talked a while and walked out feeling a little ahead of the game?  Well, Friday June 15th you'll have that chance in Muskegon.