For 5 years now, we've had a little bit of hockey history added to the lore that is Muskegon hockey.  NHL Hall of Fame goalie John Vanbiesbrouck has been the General Manager of the Muskegon Lumberjacks and has been in charge of a lot of the behind the scenes type stuff.  Sure, the Jacks have come a long, long way when it comes to the entertainment value to the fan, but in the USHL that's only part of the show.  

75 Years is a milestone in anything, but when you think of 75 years for a company in Michigan, and even Muskegon Michigan, it's time to think about a serious party!  Cole's Quality Foods was founded back in 1943 as Cole's bakery by Caroll L Cole.  They made it all.  Cakes, doughnuts, specialty items and more.  They had a quaint store front a humble delivery van and a desire to make sure that quality and deliciousness were in every product they sold.  As time went on, they became the very first company to sell frozen garlic bread when Wes Devon took the helm in 1973.  From there...well, let's just say they had to build a 9 story freezer for a reason.  Things kind of took off and spaghetti night and the family barbecue was forever changed by the taste, ease and affordability of a ready to heat and serve loaf of delicious garlic bread that went from freezer to table in about 10 minutes.  Innovation happens in Muskegon every day and we can proudly say we innovated garlic bread.  

CANCER.... Ugh!!!!.... It touches everyone's life in one way or another.... Whether we know someone or we, ourselves are battling this beyond horrible disease.   But we all can help.... This coming Friday, June 1 at 2pm through Saturday, June 2 to 2pm we're encouraging everyone to join us at the Mona Shores High School track for the annual, bigger and better than ever MUSKEGON COUNTY RELAY FOR LIFE.  

We've shared the journey of the MARS 4004 Robotics team of Muskegon.  They are the group of kind from area schools who convene at Pribusin here in Muskegon to compete in building robots for competition in local, state, regional and world competitions called The First Competition.  Most recently, they headed to the Motor City to compete in the World Competition and they came home with the 2018 Industrial Design Award.  That's wide....the award came back to Muskegon!  So much to be celebrated by these young people and advisers who help guide their career.  But the competition is only part of the year for these young people, and you might wonder what they do in their spare time after their robot has done it's thing and won it's awards.  Well, here's your chance to find out.

According to the MDHHS youth binge drinking 2015 in Michigan survey 12.8% of teen Boys and teen 12.2% of girls admitted to have at least 5 or more drinks on any one occasion. If we look at drinking by grade in the High School then Seniors would lead with 23.4% of all teens in Michigan who binge drank at least once in a 30-day time period and Freshman are the least amount with 6.2%. To make this number more personal in 2016 there was 690 students in the Orchard View High School. Taking the statistics that I have just mentioned, out of those 690 students 88.32 Teen boys and 84.18 Teen girls would have drank 5 or more alcoholic beverages on just one occasion. 

We're very thankful for the sponsorship of Shoreline Recycling of The Muskegon Channel and Positively Muskegon.  We welcomed them last year and we started to show you a little about what they do and why.  This year, we're going to do a series of stories about exactly what Shoreline Recycling is all about.  

It's time to start thinking about the meat sweats.  Yep, we're talking ribs as far as the eye can see and more smokey good flavor, fall off the bone tenderness....I could go on and on, but it's honestly making me, let's just say...if you like ribs, beer, music and a great cause, you need to save the dates for the Grand Haven VFW Rib Fest.  It's going on May 25th and 26th and all the proceeds go to benefit our local veterans on a number of levels.  It's an awesome and rapidly growing event.  

This week I had the extremely rare privilege to sit down with a truly amazing woman... Her name is Sharon Gabris...a lifelong Norton Shores, Muskegon native but once you hear about her long list of unbelievably amazing skills, would think she was raised personally by the Dalai Lama, a high ranking Indian Healer, the Surgeon General, a Geology Professor and Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Nestled away behind an unsuspecting store front on Western Avenue in Downtown Muskegon, you will find a lesson that should be learned by all of us.  Yes, there are bars and restaurants....breweries and pizza places....some business and apartments that line Western Avenue but there is one very unique and very important place that shows off what life was like in Muskegon for the people here and the work they did over the years.  The Muskegon Heritage Museum is the place and although it's location and setting is a little unexpected, the history and exhibits are amazing and rich in the history of us!  

We're seeing the signs everywhere in Muskegon of the corner being turned.  In every corner of the county, there is new business and a healthy mix of business going on.  We've got new destinations for food and drink, new construction happening when it comes to places to live.  We have expanding business and business relocating to take advantage of good people who are ready to work and a community that has seen it's fair share of up's and down's and now...stands ready for the next phase.  Watch Us Go still applies, but...watching has turned into action and with that action..well, there comes a few questions about where to find the resources for all of this growth and how can people best put to use what's available out there?  You could really spend all week chasing after this lead or could pencil in a chance to immerse yourself into a day where all the resources come to one spot...and you'll find some coffee and juice to help kick things off.  

It’s easily the simplest way to help support our local food pantries from a giving stand point there is. You gather up some non-perishables, you put them at your mail box on May 12th and you’re done. Magically, those nonperishables get picked up and delivered to those in our community who are in need and that’s that….right? Well, from a giving standpoint, yes…that’s that, but like anything that is seemingly so simple, behind the scenes there are hundreds of people coming together to make it all happen and it’s time for some of the unsung heroes in our community to get their due recognition in this project.