It's getting to be that time of year.  Prom season is right around the corner and the temptation for our younger folks to go out and party will be present as it's always been.  I wish I could say from a personal angle that I was one of those kids who was always on the right path when I was that age, but as it's been told over and over, I was one of the group was was out securing the party supplies for everyone.  As a teen, we're all 10 feet tall and bullet proof, but a few years under your see just how very young the teen years are and just how much risk and gravity are attached to some of the bad decisions that were made, and you have to add in a lot of gratuity that through those bad decisions, nothing bad really happened.

How about a nice night out for a great price and a great cause?  Well, it's happening on April 14th beginning at 4p at the Holton United Methodist Church at 9530 Holton Duck Lake Road and it's being put on by the Holton Fire Department to help benefit their canteen service that accompanies them to the scene of some of their work to provide some relief if needed.  Be it a fire or rescue type situation, sometimes a call to a fire department takes a long time and the canteen services provide things like food, water, coffee...shelter, warmth or a place to cool off while the work is going on by the men and women of the fire department.  The canteen services are not exclusive to the bigger departments you see in the city, and in fact, if you take a good look at the Holton FD canteen services, quite often it's made up of the spouses or family members of the Holton FD, so it's really a family affair. 

As a mom of three young children having family friendly activities that are close and that doesn't break the bank are important. This coming week is Spring Break for a lot of local schools and not everyone is going to be able to leave town on vacation. If you are like my family and I you may be staying home but would still like to have some fun. I have done a little searching and I have come up with some ideas that are free or nearly free and are right here in Muskegon county.

If you're not quite familiar with this annual show, please do yourself a favor and check it out!  It is the absolute best way to catch a glimpse of the most incredibly talented, brilliant, dedicated High School Students in our West Michigan communities.  Over the course of two nights this show highlights the very best high school Athletes, Scholars, Literary Artists, Visual Artists and Performing Artists... All are honored for their dedication and for being considered the very best chosen from their schools.   Many of the Showcase honorees will be competing amongst each other for cash prizes as well as bragging rights for being chosen best amongst all their West Michigan peers.

It was an exciting day in Roosevelt Park on Tuesday March 27th.  Sport Clips opened it's doors right on Henry Street across from Meijer and with the opening comes some new excitement and some clean new looks in style for the guys in the area.  Sport Clips has had a location out by the Lakes Mall for quite some time, but as the client base grew, it made sense to think about a second location in the Muskegon area and Roosevelt Park has been seeing quite a spike in new development and business openings lately.  Combine that with the location close to area staples, high traffic and population to draw from it was a perfect fit for Sport Clips. 

What we've seen on the news lately, well... it sucks.  We won't skirt the issue and we won't deny that seeing and hearing tragic takes a toll on us.  We're exhausted on the lack of sense any of it makes.  We're tired of being the victims.  We're suffering from the feeling of helplessness if that situation were ever to happen to us and we all seem lost in the middle of the arguments on either side of the debate.  

According to the Arthritis Foundation pediatric rheumatic diseases also or more commonly known as Juvenile arthritis affects almost 300,000 children in the United States. The term juvenile arthritis is a broad term for various types of juvenile arthritis that share also of the same symptoms including pain, swelling of the joints, redness and warmth. Today I was able to visit with one special little lady and her mom. 

As we spoke a couple weeks ago, the people at the Muskegon County offices asked if we'd be interested in helping them get the word out about the workings of the government.  What we do here at The Muskegon Channel and our sister page Positively Muskegon is really about giving people a chance to sit down and talk about what's happening in the community and our focus has generally been on smaller organizations and individuals who make an impact with what they do.  However, as we've grown and are working to fill the voids of news and information here in town, it's become more and more apparent that the people of our community and their contact with our local governments has led to way too much speculation, armchair quarterbacking, "he said she said" situations and question marks all over the place. 

Use it or lose it.  Hey, we're not starting off the story with a threat or anything, but like anything if we're not making best use of what we have, we risk another loss and in the time of such incredible rebirth in Muskegon keeping our airport active is not only a great idea for those who may be coming in, it's a great idea for those who might want to get out for a little rest and relaxation without the hassle of going to a giant airport.  You've been to some of the bigger airports.  Giant parking areas with miles of cars, huge lines, traffic nightmares not to mention the cost involved of getting there...a possible hotel stay.  Imagine all of that gone.

Until now students have not been able to work with their teachers and other faculty members on making their school experience one that is a positive and enjoyable experience that they had a hand in planning. In previous years the public-school system has been all about testing and making sure that student reach all of the necessary benchmarks. Teachers and faculty members were the only ones who had a say in what and how things were going to be done day to day for the students.  

It's all we've heard about for the most part over the last weeks and months.  Quite honestly, probably with good reason as the world we live in seems to have changed dramatically.  At 47, I have to honestly admit that I look at life today and scratch my head a little.  How did we get here?  How did things get to be so scary.. and why do we seem to be losing a generation of kids under us?  I mean, it's a tough world and it's getting tougher...but have we honestly gotten to the point where it's so bad we need to go shoot up a school?  Are our entertainment venues really just giant corrals for maniacs to shoot in to?