June 16, 2018 marked the 7th annual Ride United charity cycling event hosted by the United Way of the Lakeshore. The ride begins at downtown Muskegon, MI followed by four different return points and returns to Muskegon. A rider can pick any of the four routes - 6 Miles (North Muskegon), 25 miles (Pioneer Park, North Muskegon), 50 miles (Whitehall, MI), or 100 miles (Silverlake, MI). Its proceeds help support programs that promote health, education and financial stability for residents of Muskegon, Oceana and Newaygo counties.

This Summer we're working with our sponsor Shoreline Recycling to show you the benefits form more than just one angle about just how beneficial recycling is for not only the community, but for your bottom line as well.  We were given full access and a guided tour through the entire facility to show you just what goes into the operation and how they work to not only keep Muskegon clean but take our precious resources and reuse them.  Believe it or not, we have a finite supply of things like metal on this planet.  We also have a duty to protect our big blue marble from the mounds and mounds of garbage we generate and if something can be recycled and reused why wouldn't you wan to take Shoreline Recycling up on their offer to PAY YOU for your stuff?  The landfill is one thing but...your junk is cash as Shoreline Recycling and we're showing you how to earn it this summer.

We're in full swing Summer mode in Muskegon now, that means that Hackley Park finds itself more busy than not and that's a great thing.  From food festivals to Party in the Park and events that combine a little of everything, Downtown Muskegon's continual growth and engagement continues to grow.  Coming hot off the heels of Taste of Muskegon, we're pretty sure everyone knows the way to Downtown,  so let's get the park sun around and ready for another great day of entertainment, fun and togetherness with a little twist focusing on some area business you might not even know about. 

There is plenty of evidence out there that hiring a veteran is a smart move.  They come with the training, the skills, the drive and discipline that only come from the training they receive in the military and what they learned there, applied in the civilian world is irreplaceable in the work force.  In today's world too, finding the right candidate for the job isn't always the easiest task.  There seem to be about a million websites all promising you the best of everything.  The best jobs, the best employers, candidates and on and on.  Resume's, applications, interviews over the phone....what happened to the good old day's where you walked in, shook someones hand, talked a while and walked out feeling a little ahead of the game?  Well, Friday June 15th you'll have that chance in Muskegon. 

Come hungry.  That's the word when it comes to Taste of Muskegon that's happening June 15th and 16th at Hackley Park and surrounding areas in Downtown Muskegon.  Probably wouldn't hurt you to come thirsty and looking for a good time too.  Taste of Muskegon is another rapidly growing event in Muskegon where the best of the best in culinary creators come together to showcase their goods and compete for your growling stomachs attentions while the air is filled with wonderful smells, laughter and great music provided by some of the areas best bands.  Sounds like a typical Summer weekend in Muskegon right?  It's what we're best at!

How about an alternative way to get yourself to work?  Day in and day out...you get up....you get ready....you head to the car, you might stop for a cup of coffee, you make the same drive with the same atmosphere and the same people around you...it's called the "routine" and once in a while, it might be a good thing to break up.  

It's easily one of the most historic spots we have in Muskegon County.  Since 1916 Marsh Field has seen more history play out on it's hallowed grounds than just about anywhere.  From the original farm team of the New York Yankees called the Muskegon Clippers to the years when women took over and it was the Muskegon Belles or the Muskegon Lassies and the Outwin Zephyrs who played there when it was the "Negro Leagues".  A time that we're all glad has passed.  After all, it's is the Great American Pastime....that should include all Americans, right?  

It's a year long celebration of the United Way of the Lakeshore.  100 years of service in and around Muskegon. In that time, so much has been done for the community that you'd think it should all be done, right?  Well, that's not quite the case unfortunately.  The United Way's work continues to help bridge the gap for so many in and around Muskegon.  They work tirelessly to help raise awareness about community issues.  Raise funds to help meet needs, provide funding for other community programs as well as be a spot for community engagement to to happen on both a large and small scale.  Everything from the United Way's Day of Caring to community labor partnerships, youth activities and engagement the Urban Safety Corps and emergency food and shelter programs are all facilitated through the United Way.  

74 years later.  It's an unimaginable reality that the majority of people alive today will never understand.  D-Day was an unspeakable endeavor that was undertaken by a President who faced a great amount of backlash from people who didn't want the US involved.  In the long term tho, it had to happen, the European theater was under siege by Hitler and he was showing no signs of stopping until he rid the world of anyone he deemed secondary. 

For 5 years now, we've had a little bit of hockey history added to the lore that is Muskegon hockey.  NHL Hall of Fame goalie John Vanbiesbrouck has been the General Manager of the Muskegon Lumberjacks and has been in charge of a lot of the behind the scenes type stuff.  Sure, the Jacks have come a long, long way when it comes to the entertainment value to the fan, but in the USHL that's only part of the show.