According to the Arthritis Foundation pediatric rheumatic diseases also or more commonly known as Juvenile arthritis affects almost 300,000 children in the United States. The term juvenile arthritis is a broad term for various types of juvenile arthritis that share also of the same symptoms including pain, swelling of the joints, redness and warmth. Today I was able to visit with one special little lady and her mom. 

As we spoke a couple weeks ago, the people at the Muskegon County offices asked if we'd be interested in helping them get the word out about the workings of the government.  What we do here at The Muskegon Channel and our sister page Positively Muskegon is really about giving people a chance to sit down and talk about what's happening in the community and our focus has generally been on smaller organizations and individuals who make an impact with what they do.  However, as we've grown and are working to fill the voids of news and information here in town, it's become more and more apparent that the people of our community and their contact with our local governments has led to way too much speculation, armchair quarterbacking, "he said she said" situations and question marks all over the place. 

Use it or lose it.  Hey, we're not starting off the story with a threat or anything, but like anything if we're not making best use of what we have, we risk another loss and in the time of such incredible rebirth in Muskegon keeping our airport active is not only a great idea for those who may be coming in, it's a great idea for those who might want to get out for a little rest and relaxation without the hassle of going to a giant airport.  You've been to some of the bigger airports.  Giant parking areas with miles of cars, huge lines, traffic nightmares not to mention the cost involved of getting there...a possible hotel stay.  Imagine all of that gone.

Until now students have not been able to work with their teachers and other faculty members on making their school experience one that is a positive and enjoyable experience that they had a hand in planning. In previous years the public-school system has been all about testing and making sure that student reach all of the necessary benchmarks. Teachers and faculty members were the only ones who had a say in what and how things were going to be done day to day for the students.  

It's all we've heard about for the most part over the last weeks and months.  Quite honestly, probably with good reason as the world we live in seems to have changed dramatically.  At 47, I have to honestly admit that I look at life today and scratch my head a little.  How did we get here?  How did things get to be so scary.. and why do we seem to be losing a generation of kids under us?  I mean, it's a tough world and it's getting tougher...but have we honestly gotten to the point where it's so bad we need to go shoot up a school?  Are our entertainment venues really just giant corrals for maniacs to shoot in to? 

Did you ever thing that one Spring day in Muskegon Michigan you'd find a bunch of Camels racing around to benefit the programs that the Greater Muskegon Optimist Club does year round for kids?  Well, it's happening March 24th at the Polish Falcons on Hackley Avenue and as we speak..,,camels from all over the planet are being imported, and groomed for the high paced excitement of the hoof pounding, hump riding "hee-ya mule" action.  Well, kind of.  

We're all pulling on the rope to make Muskegon better.  We work in our own ways to help make things better, we work as groups, we work as complete communities.  Some efforts are small and unnoticed, while others are of the grand scale.  We team up under giant umbrellas like the United Way's Day of Caring or, you know...we might just pick up a piece of trash blowing down the street.  We are all digging in to what it takes to up the game...  

Spring is around the corner and it's on everyone's mind is on getting out...getting the house around, getting the yard fixed up and maybe getting their hands dirty with a little do it yourself project work that's long overdue around the place!  Well, it's one stop shopping for all you'll need to do it at the Muskegon Lakeshore Home, Garden and DIY Show Happening March 9th-10th at Fricano's Event Center on Muskegon Lake.  It's put on by the Muskegon Lakeshore Chamber of Commerce and this year there will be over 50 exhibitors on hand to show you the "how to" the "what for" and the "I didn't know that" type of things you've been wondering about. 

Muskegon is a proud hockey town.  We have a rich history in the sport and we've built generations of players right here in town.  Our pee wee leagues are bursting at the seams, the high school programs are thriving and at the LC Walker Arena the next generation of NCAA and NHL players are being built in the top tier developmental league in the world...the USHL.  We have young players, and their families coming from all over the world to perfect their skills for their shot at the big time.