We're getting one back.  For those who carry on and on about what Muskegon has lost, the return of one of the summer's biggest spectacles is happening again in 2023 and while a little different than what we knew, the familiarity and addition of some things that we didn't have in years gone by, well...they are less than a month away and this is an active request for some volunteer help in the event. 

It's a week for Muskegon to take the spotlight in a worldwide tradition that awards young women for their intelligence, grace, education, talent and beauty.  Miss Michigan is in town all this week as candidates from all over the state will compete in the best of comradery to take over the role from Melissa Beyrand who was crowned last year about this time and went on to represent our state with dignity and grace in the Miss America Pageant.  Melissa's message is the importance of STEAM in education and keeping the arts in schools.

A night out on the Aquastar Cruise Ship is a unique experience to Muskegon.  It's a staple attraction here and it's also used all season long to help support some of our areas agencies that protect and defend the vulnerable among us.  Every Woman’s Place strengthens families in Muskegon County and provides services for victims and survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, and sex trafficking.  The have been doing so for over 45 years. June 27th you're invited on a cruise on Muskegon Lake and Lake Michigan to help benefit this essential organization.   

How would you like a job that gets you in to the best events all over Muskegon and West Michigan and pays you to be part of them?  Stan and Bridget Larson are the owners of First Defense Security and asked if we could help get the word out about their new company and if they could advertise that they were looking for a little help.  We met up to talk about what the job was, how people can get in contact and what kind of experience is necessary.  It was an interesting meeting for me too, as I spent a minute or two in the "security" world as a much younger person as a bouncer.  A lot has changed.   

We're so proud to be a part of the Step it Up Muskegon program that gives a little financial assistance to area non profit organizations as well as share their message and reason for the work they do.  Shon Cook of Tabono Law had the idea originally and Scherdel Sales and Technology heard what was going on and came on board to help too.  To date, we've given over $25,000 back to those who work to make life better in Muskegon for those who need a hand, and this month, we're very fortunate to introduce you to Anthony Lambers.  He's got a scholarship fund called "Get up Out the Mud".

It's winding down this last week of school for so many.  With that comes the entire summer of "What is there to do"?  Well, that request is usually paired with an "incentive" and to help you not only fill the gaps in "what to do" the Hackley Public Library is offering a program to engage and explore a world of reading over the summer where they will provide the rewards or "incentives".

Imagine the necessity for travel to one of the foremost health care facilities in the country.  Mayo Clinic comes to mind for me as I have made a few trips.  While I had to be seen at Mayo, I was fortunate enough to be able to make the drive.  There was time on my side and there was also plenty of ability to pay for travel and accommodations.  For some, getting that kind of care affords neither time, nor money to get where they need to be and that is where Wings of Mercy comes in to help people in need be treated. 

If you have seen James Coffee online, you know his message of peace and prayer is pretty powerful.  He's a man who's belief came about after some trials and errors in life and when the day came that it was time to change things, they changed for good and then he got called to spread the message.  He's not let up since.  June 24th James is planning a day for everyone to join him at Seyferth Park in Muskegon to enjoy some fellowship and fun with a celebration planned for everyone. 

Until a year ago, I had only heard of Juneteenth.  It's a Federal Holiday now and while it took a while to become that, the meaning of the occasion was something that I had never been taught while I was in school and to learn what it was all about, well, it's an eye opening piece of history that should give anyone pause to stop and think about what history teaches and what it doesn't.  When slavery was abolished in the United States, it took over 2 years for the news to reach Texas.  June 19th is when the last of the slaves were freed as the US Calvary came in and told them of their freedom.  Today, it takes 2 seconds for the news to go global.  Can you imagine 2 years?

Pro Med of Muskegon has had a full week of recognition for their hardworking staff who are part of the front line of first responders we rely on in the event of an emergency.  They are usually the last people anyone wants to see, but...essential when you need them and if it's a matter of life or death...their capable hands are where you are found.  

People who live in rural communities live an average of three years fewer than urban counterparts, have a 40% higher likelihood of developing heart disease, and face a 30% increased risk for stroke mortality — a gap that has grown over the past two decades. Additionally, rural communities experience unique challenges related to scarcity of resources, such as health care professional staffing and support. Trinity Health Shelby is committed to changing that.

As we grow and memories of our years in school begin to be a little more distant, most of us have a chance to become part of another school through kids or grand kids.  Did I ever see myself as a Muskegon Heights Tiger?  No, you can bet your last nickel I did not.  But with some work we've done there for both the school and the community, I have to admit....I may have a Tiger Blood transfusion somewhere along the line.  From "First Day Fist Bumps" to "Tiger Pride - Continuing the Legacy" my heart has been won over by the kids and families from the neighborhood.