We're all pulling on the rope to make Muskegon better.  We work in our own ways to help make things better, we work as groups, we work as complete communities.  Some efforts are small and unnoticed, while others are of the grand scale.  We team up under giant umbrellas like the United Way's Day of Caring or, you know...we might just pick up a piece of trash blowing down the street.  We are all digging in to what it takes to up the game...  

Spring is around the corner and it's on everyone's mind is on getting out...getting the house around, getting the yard fixed up and maybe getting their hands dirty with a little do it yourself project work that's long overdue around the place!  Well, it's one stop shopping for all you'll need to do it at the Muskegon Lakeshore Home, Garden and DIY Show Happening March 9th-10th at Fricano's Event Center on Muskegon Lake.  It's put on by the Muskegon Lakeshore Chamber of Commerce and this year there will be over 50 exhibitors on hand to show you the "how to" the "what for" and the "I didn't know that" type of things you've been wondering about. 

Muskegon is a proud hockey town.  We have a rich history in the sport and we've built generations of players right here in town.  Our pee wee leagues are bursting at the seams, the high school programs are thriving and at the LC Walker Arena the next generation of NCAA and NHL players are being built in the top tier developmental league in the world...the USHL.  We have young players, and their families coming from all over the world to perfect their skills for their shot at the big time.  

More often than not, we here at the Muskegon Channel like to use the platform to show you the who, what, where, why and how around Muskegon to get things done.  Where things are going on that will have an impact in your life, our community and how there will hopefully be a long term benefit from what's happening.  This however, is not one of those times.  :)

We live in "Small Town America" for the most part.  Our community is small enough that we have fairly easy commutes, we have access to all the modern amenities that make life cool.  We've got great restaurants, an evolving night life, sports teams, good schools....MILES is priceless water front, great people, communities that work together for the most part - schools that do a great job education kids who want to learn...museums, maritime treasures...beautiful woodland areas... rivers... in land lakes...

Everyone loves animals and everyone loves pizza.  You should go to the one event that combines your love for both on February 3rd at Fricano's Event Center on Muskegon Lake.  Now, some writers might stop right there with the article, because really, that's all you need....pizza, puppies and kittys...done deal.  There is quite a bit more to the story though and since the Muskegon Channel is all about the quite a bit more...stick around. 

I was at a meeting the other night, and the County Treasurer Tony Moulatsiotis said that April would be when they started to foreclose on properties that had taxes due from 2015 and that if people needed to make arrangements to get caught up, now is the time to get a hold of his office.  Well, I immediately knew that I needed to tug on his shirt after the meeting and set something up because, well, I have been there and I really wouldn't want anyone to live in that fear like I did when there are ways to make things right and ways that can benefit everyone involved in the process.  Let me back up a minute though. 

Recently I sat down with lifelong Muskegon native Marian McDermed who is the Executive Director of Family Promise of the Lakeshore to chat about the incredible way they help families in our Muskegon area.    Since 2009 Family Promise of the Lakeshore has been offering a secure place to stay for parents with young children who have fallen upon hard times.....but also, so much more than just a place to stay.  Family Promise offers ongoing financial budgeting education, child care-parenting classes, life skill development assistance, food and household item donations, children's activities and library as well as daily warm meals and fellowship with other families and no pressure church organizations.