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It's always a true pleasure to sit down with my good friend Mary Suarez with The Hope Project of Muskegon County.... recently Mary and I were joined by Debi Jo Kett... also of the Hope Project...to talk about a very important annual event that raises important funds and awareness for The Hope Project which is doing all it can to help young girls and women in our community who have been victims of human sex trafficking. hope usaDetails about the Fremont Freedom Dinner on Facebook
The 3rd Annual Fremont Freedom Dinner & Silent Auction to benefit The Hope Project will be held on Monday, June 24th at the True North Center located at 6308 South Warner Avenue in Fremont.   Doors open at 6pm ....at 6:30 a very delicious dinner and dessert being prepared by Two Hot Tamales ....a silent auction...and a very special keynote speaker, Senator Jon Bumstead.
All the funds raised from this event will go directly to The Hope Projects efforts of providing much needed counseling for the victims...as well as transportation to and from couseling sessions, work, school and to offer safer living conditions.
This is truly an event you don't want to miss... Join the fight against Human Trafficking!


The 3rd Annual Fremont Freedom Dinner & Silent Auction Monday, June 24th At True North Center 6308 S. Warner Avenue, Fremont MI 6pm doors open....dinner served at 6:30pm $25 per person.... For tickets in advance call Debi (231) 245-3597 or Mary (231) 747-8555.  You can visit The Hope Project USA by clicking below.


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Unbelievably horrible, unthinkable crimes are being committed against our young people here in West Michigan!... Yes Folks.... Sex Trafficking does actually take place all throughout our West Michigan communities... And NOT just in the inner city areas...but everywhere! hope project 4Follow the Hope Project on Facebook
The Hope Project of Muskegon County's mission is to bring as much awareness and support to our West Michigan victims as possible....    and that is why we are so grateful to Mary Suarez and the whole staff at The Hope Project of Muskegon County for their tireless efforts.
To find out more about WHAT actually is "Sex Trafficking"?.... And WHERE and HOW is this happening in OUR communities, please attend the FREEDOM DINNER "restoring hope to victims of human trafficking",  taking place in Fremont on Wednesday, June 27th... with very special guest Rev. Dr. Jo Anne Lyon...who is the Ambassador and former General Superintendent of the Wesleyan Church.
I had a chance to sit down and talk with Mary Suarez about the event, take a listen:
Please attend this very moving, motivational, inspirational and educational dinner on Wednesday, June 27th at the Fremont Middle School with doors opening at 6pm....dinner served at 6:30pm...   You can find out more information about this important event online The Hope Projects webiste.  Click on the photo below to visit!
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Let me start off by saying, being part of the Sandy Corely Memorial Run for as long as I have has been one of the greatest sources of accomplishment in my career.  When I first came to Muskegon, making sure the radio station did all it could to help the cause was paramount.  The Corley family and the staff at the shop....not to mention the Fremont HOG Chapter are remarkably dedicated to their purpose and their event.  In my mind, the least we could do was get all hands on deck to aid in the battle of treatment of cancer for Muskegon and the Lakeshore area.  scmr 29SCMR on Facebook

We helped promote the event, we helped promote the pre-parties, held some pretty spectacular radio auctions.  We talked to the rock stars coming there to perform, we took listeners back stage to meet them.  All the typical radio stuff.  But there was one moment of selfishness for me every year, and that was being asked to stand on stage while the bike raffle and recognition ceremony was going on.  To be allowed to introduce Rick and the family and to know that the loss of Sandy was not in vain.  

In fact, in the 29 years since we lost the patriarch of the bunch, to fill that hole with the over $2,000,000 dollars for the treatment of area cancer victims has been a testimony to the man.  It all started off with a handful of people at Mt. Garfield and now, is probably the second largest event that the Double JJ Resort sees every year.  There are still plenty of people in tents, but there are also some pretty big dollar rv's coming in to enjoy the event, and our community.  The best part of it all, the fellowship.  You take a ride through the campground...people are laughing, partying, talking and sharing.  I have been known personally to roam the lot looking for the best food...might even do that this year again.  :)  

I caught up with Rick Corley at Sandy's Harley-Davidson to talk about this years event, the new date and his personal feelings on the growth of the event and the size of the checks they are still able to present to The Johnson Center for Cancer Care at Mercy Health.  Take a listen to our chat below!

It's a huge event.  It's one of the Lakeshores liongest running events and it keeps growing eveyr year.  Get there!  Be a part of the fun, enjoy some or all of the concerts, enjoy the fellowship and purpose started 29 years ago to remember a guy who may have lost the battle, but left a leagacy of friends, family and fellow riders that will remember his name by doing what they can to help others fight cancer.  My sincere thanks to Marilyn, Rick Karen and everyone for giving me the chance to be part of the family that makes up the Sandy Corely Memorial Run!  Click on that beautiful Harley below for the SCMR page, tickets and more!

29 bike

It's all we've heard about for the most part over the last weeks and months.  Quite honestly, probably with good reason as the world we live in seems to have changed dramatically.  At 47, I have to honestly admit that I look at life today and scratch my head a little.  How did we get here?  How did things get to be so scary.. and why do we seem to be losing a generation of kids under us?  I mean, it's a tough world and it's getting tougher...but have we honestly gotten to the point where it's so bad we need to go shoot up a school?  Are our entertainment venues really just giant corrals for maniacs to shoot in to?  

I know this.  There is only one quick and fast answer to this and that is securing the schools.  Period! delia raptorThe Delia Raptor Made in Muskegon - Click to Learn More

It's got to be our number 1 priority at the time.  We've got to have a plan to assure that any new school built meets a strict set of security standards.  Older schools need to have doors locked and access limited and they need to be retrofitted to meet stricter safety codes.  All options have to be on the table.   

I go back a ways with Kurt Delia.  Way back a ways.  He grew up around the corner when we were kids.  He took off on a police career and now he's trains other police departments and security outfits nationwide on proper tactics and procedures in such situations.  He also manufactures a tool for first responders in Muskegon called the Delia Raptor.  He invited to meet up with me to share a little of his knowledge on what it takes to secure an environment like a school.  He also brought along Fremont Chief Of Police Randy Wright who had just come from the Fremont 17 minute walk out observation on Tuesday.  Sandy's Harley-Davidson was kind enough to give us a little space to work in so we could meet a little closer to Fremont for the Chief.  Take a listen to their thoughts on school safety.






I know there is a lot of personal perspective in this.  Hey.....I have a wife, a daughter and a an entire herd of grand critters all in schools.  I am not one to think that an object is the cause of a problem, but I am scared.  We have a mental health issue here in our country and we also owe it to our younger people to protect them.  It's time for all of us to get to work on some answers.  There are many paths to take and it's time to be open and honest with ourselves about what's important....to me....that's our kids.  My thanks to Kurt and Chief Randy Wright for their time today.  If you'd like to visit the Fremont PD website...click below.


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