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Mon, Jan

Introducing Michigan Independence Hockey League


The formation of a new semi pro hockey league - The Michigan Independence Hockey League. Owners of four different teams gathered together at the Lakeshore Sports Centre, Norton Shores, Michigan, for a press conference -  Cam Bernicki of Alpena, Myles Grix of Gaylord, Cody Mulready of Muskegon, and Matt Spoelhof of Holland, Michigan.

The new league will be owned and run by the group of team owners, with competitive hockey and community in mind. It will start off with 6 hockey teams located throughout Western and Northern Michigan. Teams currently announced are the Alpena NorthStars, Muskegon Voyagers, Holland Beacons, and the Gaylord team with its name TBA. The remaining two teams will have announcements in the near future.

Find out all the information from the video below.



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MiHL Offical Logo 300px alpenanorthstar muskegonvoyagers  hollandbeacon 


Location: Alpena, Michigan
Home: Northern Lights Arena

Location: Muskegon, Michigan
Home: Lakeshore Sports Centre

Location: Holland, Michigan
Home: Griff's Icehouse West