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It was a great first night for Muskegon as professional hockey returned to Muskegon at the Lakeshore Sports Center and we we're on hand to make sure that as we prepare to carry all the home games, well, we were ready to go with the minimum of things.  Yes, making sure we get it right is a very big part of all we do, so rehearsals and dry runs...all part of the program.


The Muskegon Channel is going to bring you the entire home season of games of the Muskegon Voyagers both live and on demand after via our website and app live and after the game, you'll be able to see the games on demand online, on the app and on The Muskegon Channel for both Roku and Amazon Fire TV devices!  We are so thrilled to not only get a start in bringing you live sports on a regular basis, we're thrilled to help get a local sports franchise off the ground and provide a platform for area advertisers to reach a nationwide audience through the streaming of the games.

As the game got underway, and the word spread, we were so excited to see the "behind the scenes" stuff online!  Dozens of cities all across the area and country lit up.  The usual suspects like everyone around here, but Sioux Falls, Minneapolis, Arlington, Bristol and Phoenix were tuned in just to name a few!  They stayed and watched too!  Hundreds of viewers all with just a short notice that the game would be carried minus all the bells and whistles of a typical spots broadcast!  They wanted to see some hockey and they got a treat!  

The regular, abbreviated season begins for us on February 27th.  We'll have video on the home games and Terry Ficorelli will be the voice of the Muskegon Voyagers for the call!  There will be a radio announcement coming soon as well for the away games and for those who just like the idea of hearing Fic paint the epic picture he does of "The Good Old Hockey Game".

For now, enjoy the "test broadcast", the "rehearsal" if you will and watch as the Muskegon Voyagers take on The Gaylord Snow!


It's great to watch at home, this is true.  Remember too, this is very much a team in it's infancy as is the league!  What's Muskegon best at?  Supporting it's own!  It might be kind of hard to get a ticket with the limited seating capacity, but they are available and Lakeshore Sports Center is having everyone mask up and a temperature check happens on your way in for the safety of everyone.  Buy some tickets.  If you're not able to, it's understood of course, but show your support.  There are opportunities to sponsor the team, the broadcasts and you can even pick up Muskegon Voyagers swag to help the efforts!  We're thrilled to be part of the launch and we hope too that for years to come, the Muskegon Voyagers and their league will grow and grow.  Welcome to the Voyagers!  CLICK HERE to purchase any of the photos you see below


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