Thu, Jul

  We have come back to our "home" of Muskegon and we are euphoric to be back after being away for the past eight years. As many of you know, we left our all-time favorite megalopolis in July of 2010 when 50-years of legendary professional hockey came to a close and the junior team was ushered-in to our wonderful community. 
  Our first preference was to stay. However, we just could not make that happen. Both sides made a business decision with the result being a move for us to Evansville, Indiana where we continued our hockey radio play-by-play broadcast career behind the "mic" for the CHL/ECHL Evansville IceMen as well as the NA3HL Evansville Thunderbolts. We had the good fortune of broadcasting hockey game #3,500 during our six years in Evansville before we found our way to Indianapolis as the TV/Radio "Voice" of the ECHL Indy Fuel. In our second and last year and our final broadcast with the Indianapolis pro club, we hit the 3,700th game hockey broadcast mark.
  After our time in Indiana, we decided that it might be time to come back "home" and become a part of this extraordinary community, again. As for me, I am looking to continue my hockey play-by-play broadcast career. At this time, patience must be practiced as many times in our great game and business, timing can mean everything! Hopefully, in my case, it will just be a matter of time.
  In the meantime, my good friend, Andy O'Riley has been kind enough to offer me the opportunity to become a part of his new and innovative media enterprise called MUSKEGON CHANNEL. I am very appreciative of "Andy O" for this opportunity and look forward to doing some new, fresh and creative sports stories, especially hockey. I am very excited to have been presented this opportunity as it connects me, once again, with the great city of Muskegon; and in particularly, all of the people and the fans who I have missed so much.
  It is this bond that has inspired us to return "home." I know that you will find this quite hard to believe, but words can never fully express how thankful and grateful I am of this community and the proud Muskegon people who live here. We are so glad to be with you and to be a part of you, again.
  My first venture at The Muskegon Channel is to help out talking hockey with some of the areas top highschool hockey programs.  Paul Tiefenthal organized a press confrence on Tuesday November 13th at Lakeshore Sports Centre to meet the teams and coaches of our area teams and I spent a few minutes talking with each coach learning about their programs and players.  Here are the interviews. 
Reeths Puffer


 Kenowa Hills


Grand Haven


Mona Shores
  In closing, as it always was before we left, I will always be out and about around our terrific town visiting all of my old friends from the media, business community, and most of all the great hockey fans as well as looking forward to making new friends and just talking hockey with you. When you happen to see me, please stop by and say "hi" as all of you will always be the favorite part of my job and living here in Muskegon. See you around town!!  
Terry Ficorelli