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Tue, Jul


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  Through out the summer, The Frauenthal Center held several history tour inside the theater. It's a tour where people can get on the stage, backstage to the "green room" and up close and personal with the mighty Barton Organ. Did you know that Frauenthal Center, originally Michigan Theater, was built in 1930s with the idea of a Spanish castle in mind? And that it was designed by architect C. Howard Crane, the same architect that is responsible for the Fox Theater and the Detroit Olympia? Obviously, it would be the best to be there physically and see it for yourself. But if you haven't been able to make it to any of the tours, don't worry, we got you covered right here on Muskegonchannel.com

Video - Frauenthal Center History and Tour

Visit Frauenthal's website for upcoming shows and see the majestic theater for yourself.

2018 Derek Wong / The Muskegon Channel

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