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Sun, May

Paranormal Muskegon - UFO Sighting of 1994 With Mike Walsh

Muskegon Metro Area News
Today Paranormal Muskegon paid a visit to Muskegon Attorney and former investigative journalist for the Muskegon Chronicle, Mike Walsh.  During his time as a journalist, he had the circumstance to investigate and report on the March 8, 1994 Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon incident. Twenty-five years later, no adequate explanation has been offered to account for it. For that reason, it continues to be of interest to both investigators and the general public alike.  Mr. Walsh, through his work as a journalist, became involved with this case when he was asked to investigate, which he did, although somewhat reluctantly, given the nature of the incident. During the course of his investigation, he filed a Freedom of Information Application in order to obtain the dispatch tape as well as other documents that they may have. Mike, after being stymied in his efforts to get information by some that he tried to get answers from, was able to obtain the dispatch tape through his efforts. After receiving the tape, he was quite intrigued by what he heard. Even though it was thought that there was photographic evidence too of the radar scope, he was told there was not. 
Mike Walsh is long-time attorney and resident of Norton Shores. Mike has an impressive background in in law, including having practiced in numerous county courts throughout the state, the Michigan Court of Appeals, and the U.S. District Court. He was a past member of the Representative Assembly, the rule-making body of the State Bar and has served as president of the Muskegon County Bar Association. Before entering law, Mike was a investigative reporter for both a Chicago newspaper that eventually become the Chicago Sun and the Muskegon Chronicle. He has won numerous awards as a lawyer as well as for his journalism. He was a four-time recipient of the State Bar of Michigan’s Advancement of Justice Award, and has numerous Associated Press investigative reporting citations, as well as various other industry acknowledgements. He has appeared on Larry King Live, CBS, and other television and radio networks, including The History Channel’s UFO Hunters to talk about this case and kindly agreed to share his story again with us today.
It all began around 9:30 p.m. on the night of March 8th, 1994 when police dispatches in Ottawa County began being inundated by calls from people who were seeing this inexplicable phenomenon involving multicolored lights. These lights, described as looking like “Christmas lights” by some, moving erratically and at high speeds;  were seen by around 300 people along the lakeshore from Holland to Muskegon. They appeared to be attached to solid objects, flying erratically, sometimes in triangular formation, other times in clusters. They were observed by people on the ground, including several polices officers, as well as being tracked simultaneously in real-time by the NOAA through the National Weather Station in Muskegon. In addition, several airline pilots also observed the lights when in route to Chicago.
After receiving calls from approximately 60 people and not knowing what to make of all this, Ottawa County dispatch contacted the National Weather Service station in Muskegon to see if they were picking up anything on radar. They indeed were and what the radar guy was reporting was like nothing he had ever seen before.  It was his incredulous reactions and descriptions of what he was seeing while talking to dispatch that were recorded on tape that quickly gained worldwide attention. 
Mike sent me a copy of the dispatch tape, which I listened to. At one point, Muskegon Radar says in response to 911 asking if they had anything unusual, he states; “Nothing but the usual ground clutter,”…so he was aware that it was different. (This guy was not a “newbie” by any means. He knew his stuff). At one point he states, “yeah, there is something big down there. That’s really strange….it looks like a big blob. One minute it was there, the next pass it was gone.  Then at one point, he says very excitedly…OH MY GOD! WHAT IS THIS!  He states they are strong returns and that it is not precipitation. He later states there were now three in triangular formation.  At another point he states these three or four “blobs were large, half a thumb nail on the scope and that planes were like little pinpoints on the radar by comparison. Radar guy says he has never seen anything like this. At another point he states in reference to 911 one maybe its energy; “This energy moves.”  They were at an altitude between 5,000 and 12,000 feet, flying at a high rate of speed in erratic motion. He later called to confirm that he was actually talking to the Sheriff’s department to make sure it was not a hoax.  I have investigated over 100 UFO cases in Michigan for MUFON and while I have never investigated this particular case, I am of the opinion that even if you didn’t have hundreds of people seeing these lights; the dispatch tape alone would be enough to show that something truly unknown was flying over Michigan that night.  It gave me chills to hear his shocked reaction. You could tell he was truly perplexed by all of this, it was not normal and these weren’t planes. 
If not for the investigative work by Mike Walsh, this case might have been forgotten or swept under the rug, either by accident or design.  Luckily for us, his ability to have obtained the dispatch tape showing the compelling and unusual nature of this event; in which Muskegon played a significant part; has not faded into the past, so remains unexplained twenty-years later. I asked Mike what he thought people saw that night. While he didn’t know what these objects were based on his investigation, given the size of the universe and the multitude of stars within it; it being extraterrestrial was always a possibility.  They saw something unusual, of that he was certain. Hopefully this event will continue to be investigated and that people will come forward to tell their stories about it. Until then, we wait.
Our thanks to Mike for sitting down and talking with the Paranormal Muskegon Team. His office is located at 8. Walton Avenue, Muskegon, Michigan, 49442. Phone: 231-725-4200. 
Below, you'll find a YouTube link to the audio conversation between police dispatch and the National Weather Service from the incident from March 8th 1994.