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Muskegon Storyville - MADL Early Literacy Initiative

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The Muskegon Area District Libraries (MADL) has committed to increase literacy skills for every age and are actively involved with this effort, one way to achieve this is through a new early literacy initiative called the Muskegon Storyville. The Storyville Villages are located in their Montague, Muskegon Heights, and Norton Shores branches. They are created to inspire children age zero to five.

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As a caregiver of your child, you are their first teacher. These Villages allow children to learn, as we now know, they learn best through creative play, and with the people they learn from. Each of these Villages also offer activities from Every Child Ready to Read Practices. Muskegon area district Libraries partnered with Hackley Public and White Lake Community Libraries and received a $150,000 grant to become Family Place Libraries. The focus will be on early literacy and to help the entire family to grow these skills.

Video: Gaberielle Butterfield with Doug Hughes, Karen Blackledge at MADL Norton Shores Branch


Today I went to the Norton Shores Branch to meet with Doug Hughes who is the Chairman of the Board of the MADL and Karen Blackledge the Early Literacy Coordinator for the Norton Shores District Library. Doug along with a full board has been talking for years, about seven to be exact on how to improve the literacy skills in the county. The idea itself had come from another board member who had traveled to Baltimore and had come across a library with a play and learn center inside. He brought this idea to back to our board and from that moment on, they have been raising money and gaining the knowledge to build this right here in our local libraries. Doug spearheaded the fundraising for this project and through the majority of personal donors they were able to raise about one million dollars for this project.

Karen Blackledge was brought in about a year ago to help with the installation into the site. Karen's job as an Early Literacy Coordinator was key to help others have the knowledge with what the best additions would be. It is her job and passion to help you understand and experience Storyville to its fullest.

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Like we have mentioned before currently three of the MADL branches has a village. Children must be accompanied by an adult while they enjoy creative and fun learning spaces.At the Montague Branch you will find Snider Beach, and at the Muskegon Heights branch you will be able to read on the front. And finally, as seen here today at the Norton Shores branch, your child will be able to play in three beautiful imagination blooming stations. Children must be accompanied by an adult while they enjoy creative and fun learning spaces. Please go to MADL.org to see this amazing site and all of the wonderful activities that you are able to experience while you are here.


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