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The Fab Lab at MCC - Innovating Safety With 3-D Printing

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As we hear over and over, "we're in this together".  Yes, it's a snappy slug line and probably something we outta be better at anyway.  We've all got our areas that we can add to the relief of our current times and we also too could do a little better job of following instructions on staying home and letting the worst of all this pass without helping to spread the virus. 


There are those among us though who have special skills sets as well as tools to make things and minds that can innovate ways to get things done when traditional methods are maxed out or caught off guard.  There's some of that going on in Muskegon right now! fab lab masksFollow the Lakeshore Fab Lab on Facebook

Chris Kaminsky is the head of the Fab Lab at Muskegon Community College's Sturrus Center and while the facility isn't currently buzzing with innovators, inventors, students and tours...there is a remarkable amount of technology sitting there and knowing Chris...there's not going to be a moment wasted when it comes to finding a way to get them to work to help out the greater good.

The idea is simple.  Get the 3-D printers on hand in home with Chris and get to work fashioning masks for those who are are on the front line of the fight.  Um...ok, but how does that work?  Well, surprisingly, according to Chris, plans for items such as this are fairly easily found online and setting them to work on a 3-D printer is a matter of just knowing how to deploy a program to go to work.  He's prototyping now.  In fact, he's using a 2 liter as the "mask" on the frame and in our discussion, he talks about what's needed material wise and how any number of local manufacturers can pitch in to help with components.  These masks work in conjunction with the direct cover masks you're seeing on so many and that we are desperately short on nationwide.  

Chris and Andy O met up for an interview...with plenty of "social distancing".  Take a listen.


So, if you are a tinkerer or inventor, you know where to head when all of this is done!  You also know that if you are a manufacturer that Chris' prototypes might just be looking for a place to get going BIG TIME in the very near future.  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to email Chris directly.  

It's the power of innovation and the belief in the ability to overcome that sets Muskegon a part.  It always has been.  This is what makes us who we are and defines us as a community!  Our many thanks to Chris for his efforts and to all who support the innovation happening in the heart of Downtown Muskegon at the Sturrus Center because it's proof that when the going gets tough, Muskegon gets going.  

To visit the Muskegon Community College Fab Lab website, click on the photo below!

fab lab lead

Do you have a 3-D printer at home?  The deign for what Chris is making is linked below!