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The story of Tanya Hart is an amazing one.  Upon graduation from Orchard View, she headed off to school at Michigan State like many others do.  The time spent in Muskegon was valuable and left he with some pretty well established values and purpose, however, there's a big world out there and getting to know it, and what else it might hold is an investment that many bring back, including Tanya.  She might call Hollywood home now, but her return to Muskegon is a homecoming that will bring decades of experience in a field that not many like her were in when she began, and her rise to the top....well, it's one that took a lot of determination. 

The assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. compelled her to go to the local radio station in Lansing and offer to try to do something to offer some peace and healing.  It must of worked, because it led to a career in broadcasting that's spanned 50 years and includes accolades like Academy Awards nominations, Emmy Award wins and syndicated deals and work on Entertainment Tonight, E!, Inside Edition, Court TV and more.  She began at WBZ in Boston and from there saw no limits on what she could do and glass ceilings only as something to break through with "good trouble".  Trailblazer is an understatement when we speak of Tanya.  

She's coming back to speak at the 42nd Annual Charles Henry Hackley Distinguished Lecture in the Humanities.  The event will be held Thursday May 30th at the Greater Muskegon Women's Club located at 280 W. Webster Ave.  "Hackley to Hollywood" will be a discussion about her climb in the media world when "not a lot of people looked like me" according to our chat today.  From the perspective of being a female or a minority, and considering the time period she was working, a lot in the industry didn't look like her.  It was a very difficult field to get into to begin with and add in the fact that you're not a "good old boy", it was nearly impossible but she persisted.  Today, the string of accomplishments and the level of people she's worked with is an inspiring story not only for women, but people in Muskegon as a whole. 

Joe Zappacosta from the Hackley Library jois us for the conversation today as does Barb Klingenmayer from the Friends of the Hackley Library to hear some of the story from Tanya.  The incredible story itself will be told Thursday night beginning at 7pm and it's a free admission for those who would like to attend.  This is an amazing way to learn about equity and inclusion, Tanya's passion for her craft and what it was like to begin a career in a way that might have been a little unexpected, but... there was a path placed in front of her, and to follow it was the key.  



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