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We've been quite proud to see some of our creators get bumped up a little by being seen on the Muskegon Channel.  We've had some be auditioned for cable shows on major networks.  We had a book deal happen.  We've seem more than one business rely on us to share the story of how they came to be and the purpose of their work.  This is a first for us however.  Olaf, the star of "Dog Blessed" has been bit by the acting bug and this weekend, it's curtains up at "Annie" at Muskegon Catholic Central for 3 shows. 


Olaf and Jodi Jarvis-Therrian bring you Dog Blessed every week on our channel and their goal is to make sure that people and pets live their best lives together.  They share knowledge and experience and they strive to bring in other experts who can also share a vast wealth of knowledge from different perspectives.  In her work, and being seen a LOT on our channel, there came a call out for a dog to assume the role of "Sandy" in "Annie" being presented by the students at Muskegon Catholic Central this weekend and when the chatter began, the friends in the circles around the production of the play said "Ask Jodi and Olaf".  They went down to see if it was a good fit, and BOOM!  A star of the stage is born!

Heading up the production at Muskegon Catholic Central is Jacqui Robinson.  We first met Jacqui in 2016 when she was on her way to England to pursue a Masters Degree in theater and she was promoting Broadway Bootcamp as an enrichment for summer and students who are curious about acting.  Flash forward to today and Jacqui is deeply engrained at MCC as is her husband who was heading out to coach girls soccer as we were setting up.  Turns out, the Masters Degree paid off as now, she's directing a cast that ranges from 2nd graders to seniors, animals and community volunteers who need to play adult roles in the tale as old as time about an orphan who's belief is a reminder that no matter what life throws at you, attitude is everything.   It's more than clear that all those years ago, Jacqui had her destiny chosen and ran with it...then returned home to share her gifts.  

There are three shows this weekend.  You can catch the Friday night show or one of two performances on Saturday.  If you'd like to GET TICKETS IN ADVANCE CLICK HERE

Our very best wishes to our very own Olaf and his supporting cast at "Annie" this weekend.  Be there for the start of an amazing career and know that you're supporting an amazing group of kids and a teacher who's brought her passion and purpose home to them.   

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